How does your garden grow?

The wildlife garden is developing well, and we’ve just added a new raised vegetable bed. In the first, we’re growing potatoes and raspberries; the second will be used by the anchor and junior sections. The compost we bought was kindly discounted by George Beckett nurseries. We’ve also cut a section or turf away to form a bed for wild flowers to grow, including wild flower seeds provided free by Kew Gardens and cosmos and poppy seeds from Brian’s garden. We’ve also placed our “certified wildlife garden” sign from the (American) National Wildlife Federation to show that the area is designed to attract as much wildlife as possible.


Three teams, three Christmas reindeer made from balloons…

The judges (leaders and parents) voted that number 2, the big yellow reindeer, was the winner (by just one point)!

Christmas concert

Tonight was the Company annual concert, with contributions from the Anchors (on a chocolatey theme), Juniors (a light display with silent night) and the Company section (the video below). The Girls Brigade also contributed (also following a chocolatey theme), we had a piano solo from Kieran, and the minister, Peter, also did a short presentation about Clean Water, for which a collection was held.