Time to float the boat

Having constructed the boats a few weeks ago, (and done lots of other activities in the mean time – flag games in the woods, a “What 3 word” challenge etc. – it was time to try out the boats, and see if they would float. Each boat was placed into the water, and then 280g bags of flour and sugar were added as weights, to see whose would take the most. Some were limited by their size, some by the fact water seeped through the cracks, and some were a bit top-heavy. However some went all the way, and held all 7 weights!

Boat making

This week we worked on cardboard boats to support the greatest weight. Here are some photos of the construction phase, look out for when we try them out in a few weeks time!

Litter picking walk

The Senior section met face to face for the first time in many months and enjoyed a relaxing walk from Church to Hiltingbury Lakes and back. During the walk the boys collected approximately half a bin sack full of rubbish, helping to tidy up Chandler’s Ford and our local environment, well done.