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Welcome to the new Boys Brigade site.
We are still getting things sorted and posting content but we need your help!

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Please leave a comment below with any feedback on the site and what you would like to use it for. It would be great to have a site that everybody can use and get involved in but we need to make sure it will get used!

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DofE Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is undertaken currently by about 40 young people. In 2011 our focus will be on Silver and Gold Expedition sections. Dates for these expeditions for 2011 have now been published to participants.

Well done to those who have completed their Awards in 2010.

Senior Section

Seniors is for Boys aged 11-18 years old, and meets on Monday evenings between 7:15 and 9:45pm at Chandlers Ford Methodist Church. There are currently around 18 members of the Company Section.

What do we get up to each week? Our typical programme includes a huge variety of things :

  • Sometimes we get to go Bowling, or do other “themed” activities. Every third week rather than doing badge classes we have carried out activities as a whole section.
  • We do a range of physical activities including badminton, table-tennis, recreational games and more!
  • Are you between 14 and 23 this year? If so, you could take part in the Duke of Edinburgh\’s Award scheme that we run.
  • There are some Company Section Competitions in South West Hampshire. These include the Cross Country, and 6-a-side Football!
  • Members are also encouraged to play in the Chandlers Ford BB Brass Band.

If you’d like to come and join in, please email us at

Junior Section

The Junior Section is for Boys aged 8-11 year olds.

We have an Achievement scheme where we can gain badges for Adventure, Skills, Community and Physical. The programme includes arts and crafts, like music, games and sport.

The Junior Boys meet each week on Thursday evening. If you’d like to come and join in, please email us on

Junior section provides an exciting programme of leisure time activities, including sports such as football, unihoc, etc. We are also able to learn a brass instrument and can play in the Company Brass Band.